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About us

La Vaca Grill Mission

At La Vaca Brazilian Grill, we value the excellence of our unique and alternative dining experience by the “Pound.” Our Focus in mind is bringing authentic, traditional Brazilian food to the hearts of the World.

$9.65 / LB

Salad Bar (and/or) Hot Dishes

$11.45 / LB

Salad Bar + Hot Dishes + Churrasco BBQ

$15.95 / LB

Churrasco BBQ Only


What People are Saying

“Sabrina B.”

“My boyfriend found this place online so we decided to go on a Saturday night. We didn’t have a reservation and ended up waiting about 10 – 15 minutes. The waiting area is outside in a hallway and it was cold that night so it was a little uncomfortable but overall, the wait wasn’t bad for a Saturday night.”

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“Jenny N.”

“Got lunch special 2 for $75. DEFINITELY WORTH.

Meat just melts in your mouth.

Appetizers and desserts AMAZING”

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“Sarah A.”

“Come hungry. Don’t request well-done.

Meat is well seasoned and cooked nicely. Typically you can choose most cuts at medium rare or medium.”

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“Lior S.”

“This was my very first experience with Brazilian BBQ and it will always be my best! I have since gone on to try dozens of other churrascarias all over the world and nothing will compared to the place that stole my heart (well I may have also stolen some chicken hearts here too).”

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Hours of Operation

10 am – 9 pm

10 am – 7:30 pm

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