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About Us

Different meats on silver skewers

Our Mission

At La Vaca Brazilian Grill, we value the excellence of our unique and alternative dining experience by the "Pound." Our Focus in mind is bringing authentic, traditional Brazilian food to the hearts of the World.

The Salad Bar offers numerous varieties of beautifully presented fresh greens and vegetables, and dressings to accompany the stars on the menu. It is also an excellent alternative for vegetarians or for those who prefer a lighter meal. Our full-service bar, rich in color, aromas, and flavors offering a variety of salads and hot dishes which include, steamed white rice, feijoada black beans with collard greens, french fries, chicken breast stroganoff, cheese bread, fried plantain, and home-made hot Habanero sauce. A fantastic range of prime cuts as Top Sirloin, Picanha, Brazilian sausage, chicken breast wrapped with bacon, and other types of chicken. Guaranteed to satisfy even the hardest to please customers.

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